I am so excited for the harurinralia thing ohmygod!!!
I’ll go for a run because I need to scream to the world that rinharu is the most beautiful thing!!! and idgaf if it is 5am rn.

Seven minutes in heaven? Nah bro. Seven days in Australia!
― Rin Matsuoka. (HARURINRALIA syndrome.)


  • Sousuke: I can see why you fell for him.
  • Sousuke: You're a huge existence to him.
  • Sousuke: He needs you.
  • Sousuke: yall fuckin gay for each other is what Im saying.
  • pushpulldynamics:

    Rinharu doesn’t sail, it flies first class.

    reblog if you are a RinHaru purist


    [this means you are incapable of shipping them with anyone except each other]